ICYMI: Sistahs in Business Expo: Where Entrepreneurial Women of Color Were Celebrated!


We hope you did not miss the amazing Sistahs in Business Expo this past weekend at Temple University’s Howard Gittis Student Center. It was a motivating, empowering event that brought together women of color entrepreneurs.


Brittney Shipp, Vivica A Fox, Aisha Issah, Founder & CEO of Sistahs In Business Expo

The daylong event featured keynote speaker Vivica A. Fox as well as TV One/Urban One founder Cathy Hughes and NBC 10 meteorologist Brittney Shipp. The expo served as an opportunity to provide an accessible platform where women of color could significantly expand their reach and grow their business.  There was not a dull moment!


The event started off with the morning host, Brittney Shipp, along with Keynote Speaker Vivica A Fox who gave advice to aspiring as well as up and coming business owners.  My favorite part is when she told a 10 year old girl who ask her a question about running a business and making money.  Vivica’s response was “Never work for free”.  She then gave the young girl a hug and thanked her for her question.  Vivica dropped jewels about being motivated, staying motivated, reaching your goals and knowing your worth.  You really had to be there. The love, support and inspiration in the room was thick you could feel it.

Vivica followed up her speech with a live book signing.  She is very professional and so down to earth, treating everyone she met as her “sistah”.  She has a new book out on Amazon.com, Audible.com and in stores titled “Everyday I’m Hustling”.  In her book, the actress provides start-today strategies for success in business and “been there” lessons in love, buttressed with stories from her early family life all the way through to today.

Brittney Shipp of NBC10 Philadelphia also introduced that she has a children’s book she has wrote titled “The Meteorologist In Me”.  The Meteorologist In Me is an inspirational tale about a little girl named Summer with a big dream- to become a TV Meteorologist.
She loves sharing weather facts with her family and friends and wonders why everyone laughs at the thought of her on T.V.

While at the expo, attendees were able to also enjoy a whole slew of black female business owners, everything from interior design, jewelry, makeup to hair care and clothing.  It was a one stop shop of quality vendors with a variety of items.  The place was packed and was perfect for networking, relationship building and just black girl magic sprinkled all around.


The afternoon was hosted by none other than Oshunbuni Fernandez-West, CEO of the Odunde Festival.  Yes what a lineup of entrepreneurs.

Next up was the Super Power Panel moderated by Jean Baylor that included four hugely successful entrepreneurial women of color with Rasheeda Gray, Parisnicole Payton, Aliya Khabir and Donna Jarrett-Paris.  These ladies kept it real on the stage and gave out key business advice.  Never ever give up on your dreams and never let anyone count you out!


When the legendary, extraordinary, remarkable Cathy Hughes walked through the doors all eyes were on her! Yes, thee Cathy Hughes of Urban One, the Urban Media Maven blessed us with her presence.  She had a conversation that was hosed by Dyana Williams.  These two are clearly good good girlfriends and had a chat that was engaging, motivating and let us know that we can do anything we put our minds too! Did you know Cathy Hughes has a street named after her?



We did not want them to leave the stage, but they had to make room for the Motivational Moment with Nicole Doss.

Nicole Doss the CEO & Founder of Prestige Society and she blew us away with her energy and expertise.  She was the perfect person to bring the expo to an end.

Also, the founder Aisha Issah was an amazing host.  She let the speakers and panelists have the stage when it was their turn. During this time she interacted with the crowd, took pictures, networked and shopped vendors.  She is so down to earth, relatable and friendly.

Last but not least I have to give a shout to the ladies who worked the event aka the Red Shirt Brigade.  Everyone who worked the event had on a red t-shirt with gold writing and were ready to help you with whatever you need and were nice about it.  They smiled all day, I don’t care if they were asked where someone could get food, where the food was, what was next in the program, how to get in and out of the building. Whatever the need, they fulfilled and if they couldn’t, they got someone who could.  They really made the event comfortable and were engaging, enjoy the expo as they worked.

I really can’t wait until next year, as I will be attending again.

In fact, the next stop is in Columbia, SC so if you will be in SC next month, be sure to get your tickets today at http://www.sistahsinbusinessexpo.com






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