Free Business Consulting at The Corzo Center

The Corzo Center is a great resource for creatives. They offer programs, classes and free business consulting for entrepreneurs. 

According to their website, the Center was formed to keep art where it belongs, central to society and an economy that requires ideas and imagination, and is guided by the belief that entrepreneurship is both a form of business innovation and a form of public and social action.

The Corzo Center offers programs for entrepreneurs such as:

  • Intro to Entrepreneurship courses
  • Entrepreneur office hours to connect with free business consultants
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • and more

I do find that most of their events, classes and workshops are limited to UArts students or alumni but there are some that are open to the general public as well. 

Be sure to visit the site: and sign up for their mailing list to keep abreast of all news and events.