Stylez with the Smilez & Visual Vibe Family

7CE021BA-7ACE-442D-BA87-B8EC25591BC2We got the chance to catch up with and interview Stylez with the Smilez, fine art avante garde photographer.  In addition to his avante garde photography, Stylez also provide photography serviceds including family, wedding, maternity, infant, children and event photography. He is a well rounded, exceptional photographer and you can visually see his artistic eye shine through.

Rell Stylez is a self taught photographer based in Philly.  Growing up in West Philly Stylez was inspired by the street art of Philly writers such as the late Razz, Credit and Espo. Through street art Stylez was able to channel into ideas of how an image can have an impact on the eye of an observer. These ideas later inspired his creative eye in his photo art years later.

Once Stylez picked up a camera he discovered his new passion. After a year of studying the art of photography and posting some of his work on social media Stylez decided to build a business around his new craft. He named his photography brand “Visual Vibration.”

Stylez founded Visual Vibration with two objectives. The first is to create what he calls “conceptual experimental fine art photography ” that could bring enjoyment and discussion for admirers of art. Secondly he wanted to provide photography services to those who admired his work and are interested in using his photography for personal and business purposes.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a photographer based out of Philadelphia. I specialize in risqué avant guard fine art photography that express beauty with touch of sexiness and dash of political consciousness.

We know you as the former CEO of Sharp with Art Group and now as a visual artist turned fine art photographer under the brand Visual Vibration. We know it’s more than just taking photos for Instagram, what services do you offer to the public?

Aside from my artistic work I do commissioned work for families, businesses, weddings, proms, events etc.



Why Visual Vibration? What’s the meaning behind the name?

It’s actually Visual Vibration. When you look at my images I hope to have a vibrational impact in the eye of the observer.


With your hard work ethic and background in art, we know you inspire others.  Who or what inspires you?

Life, Pablo Picasso, my peer group of artists, hip hop, pop culture, politics, intellectual stimulation.


What are your wins in 2018 so far?

I did my second photo exhibit and just recently launched my website:


Where do you want to go with your talent?

Far as possible. Building this as a popular brand and getting published and recognized as a talent in the world of fine art photography.


You can connect with Stylez with the Smilez on instagram: @visualvibefamily or @visualvibrationphotos

To book a session with Stylez, visit his website: